multiple timed strikes

multiple timed strikes

Postby MadAboutArmour » 22 Jul 2017

Hi. I was wondering what the rules / thoughts are on multiple timed strikes, particularly timed air strikes.

First, is it allowable to have more than one and to mix them?

Secondly, if you can have more than one, do you have to declare them all at the same time or one after another, after the results have been worked out.

Thanks :grin:
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Re: multiple timed strikes

Postby Piers » 22 Jul 2017

You can have as many as allowed by your list selections.

You state the turn and location so they happen when they happen... But each is a separate attack so you'd resolve one after another like any attack.
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Re: multiple timed strikes

Postby wolflord » 22 Jul 2017

Before the deployment of any troops on the table you write down the target point of each Timed Strike you have bought. After deployment, but before the game starts, you write down on which turn the strikes will happen. At the start of the turn (or turns) you have noted, the shells start flying, or in the case of an Air Strike, the plane arrives and drops its bombs.

So, if you wish, for example that your two Timed Airstikes bomb a hill in the enemy deploment zone on turn 2, you write it all down and at start of turn two your planes arrives, one after another, and drop their bombs.

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