BG Tobruk Units with Motorcycles How Are You Handling Them?

BG Tobruk Units with Motorcycles How Are You Handling Them?

Postby Historical Wargamer » 26 Jul 2017

We finished our first BG Tobruk wargame and had rules issues related to units with motorcycle transport.

The Bersaglieri Motorcycle Platoon has 4 Motorcycle Squads (Unit Composition: 7 men with a Breda 30 LMG, Transport: Mounted on 3 motorcycles) and a Command Squad. The German Kradshutzen Platoon has 3 Kradshutzen Squads (Squad Unit Composition: 6 men on 2 motorcycles with sidecars, MG Team: 3 men on motorcycle with sidecar) and a Command Squad.

We treated a motorcycle squad as one unit and the transporting motorcycles for the squad as one unit for order issuing, e.g. one order to move or disembark the 3 motorcycles of a single Bersaglieri MC Platoon squad.

But there were a couple of situations the resulted in rules questions.
1. If a Motorcycle Squad is targeted (while mounted on its transport) by small arms fire and receives 1 hit then one motorcycle is destroyed. Then the Damage to Transported Troops rule of D3 casualties comes into play. So if only one figure is lost and morale is passed (and the unit is eventually unpinned) you have a situation where you have some members of the squad still riding motorcycles and one member without a ride. No chit draw for losing a motorcycle. How do you handle this result (you have part of the squad mounted and part not mounted)?
If one hit can take out three motorcycles (it is "the squad's transport") as one person in our group stated--that appears problematical as well.

2. How do you handle a Breakdown counter result of immobilized against a motorcycle squad? Is only one motorcycle of the squad immobilized (or all 3 motorcycles of the squad)? If only one then you have a similar situation to #1 above with one member dismounted and others are mounted.

3. The 7 men on a Bersaglieri Squad actually require 2 motorcycles and 1 motorcycle with a sidecar or 4 motorcycles (as opposed to 3 motorcycles per the OB list because the transport capacity of a motorcycle without sidecar is 2). We just "fudged" with 7 men being transported by 3 motorcycles per the OB, but the question remains about what is the 7th squad member riding? The German Kradshutzen OB states motorcycles with sidecars (transport capacity of 3) and thus there is no transport question.

4. Do you keep the motorcycles of a squad within 1" to 2" of each other (similar to a squad of infantry) or allow spreading them out a bit more?

Any feedback would be appreciated. We do not want to establish a precedent that is not "rules legal."
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