Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby Troy » 29 Jul 2017

Well, back before I made the switch to BattleGroup, and in anticipation of the other game's new edition, I purchased a sizable amount of WWII Russian forces in 15mm.

Now that I'm looking at BattleGroup as the main game for several years, I'm wondering how I should go about basing the infantry?

Looking at the Barbarossa book, 8 man squads would make two of the Flames of War medium bases with 4 guys each (and use casualty markers).

Do the Russians stay similar in organization with the Kursk and other Russian books?

Any better ideas for basing? I'm leaning toward the FoW bases so I can use them in either game, but willing to consider options.
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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby wolflord » 29 Jul 2017

In Fall of the Reich the Russians still have 8 man squads, so you could use 4 men FOW bases. But please take into account, that in Battlegroup Rifle Squads and SMG squads may be equipped with Panzerfaust, while in FOW only SMG teams have these. Also in Fall of the Reich there are some smaller squads, mostly Reece ones, with only 3, or 6 men.

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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby Pedro » 29 Jul 2017


The game is perfectly playable using FoW Biscuit bases, but if ones opponent is using 1, 2 and 3 man bases having a four (or more) man FoW base results in, I think a considerable and significant difference in footprint and frontage.

If this is a problem call the FoW bases three men and either purchase a few odd figures or put markers on them to indicate casualties and special weapons.

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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby NTM » 29 Jul 2017

They are 8 figure squads in all books iirc.
I'll probably base mine as 3/3/2 on 30x30 rather than FoW mediums simply because the latter are too wide for my bridges.
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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby Mark » 29 Jul 2017

I based mine 4 on a medium (FoW) base and then in 2s on small (FoW) bases.
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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby Major Tom » 30 Jul 2017

I'm basing my 15mm on small Flames of war bases:

3 x figures for Riflemen

2 x figures for LMGs, Bazookas, Flamethrowers and Command etc.

Heavy weapons/artillery on medium bases.
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Re: Basing 15mm Russian Infantry

Postby mellis1644 » 15 Aug 2017

I have a load of FOW based Russians and also then did a platoon on pennies. Allows me to substitute what and when I want, for various forces :)
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