Line of Sight Question

Line of Sight Question

Postby MadAboutArmour » 30 Jul 2017

I understand that LOS issues are always best discussed with the opponent, but I just wanted to know (confirm) the starting point here and to ask whether anyone has ever created some (dreaded) house rules about this issue.

The 'problem' arose when I was playing a solo game, the Germans holding some houses in a small village. Their troops were on the ground floor of the houses and as there was a hedge 4" away from them (on the enemy side) they would in effect be out of LOS until the Brits went right up to the hedge (if the hedge blocks LOS for infantry idea is used).

Worse still, if you wanted to try to hit the troops inside with HE fire from an on table gun (using direct fire), again you would it seem have to get to the hedge. I know you can target the building, but with the small HE weight of HE fire from most on board assets, that could take a while and would still end up with the situation where the enemy could sit in the hard cover and in that case not be shot at all as the building that was above the hedge line (and thus could be targeted) would suddenly be out of LOS.

Thus my question is, should you be able to shoot at a building without seeing the men inside and still be able to Pin / Kill them. After all an HE shell hitting the floor above you is liable to cause you some concern...

I understand that this may be 'out of order' but if so we have to consider that an Artillery strike is able to inflict causalities without seeing anything but an aiming point.

It could be that as arty strikes can vary so much (or not arrive at all) that this is the way the game is supposed to be played, just asking as other rule sets (like CoC) allow you to fire at the troops inside as long as you can see / hit the building.

This issue has other implications too, as if you have say a WASP carrier and are attacking a building with troops inside that have not fired, you would need to roll a 4+ to spot them, when in fact all you want to do is to target the building. In such instances should not the spot (of the building) be automatic (as it is with HE fire against buildings) and you just have to roll for the hit???

Not complaining about the rules here, just wanted to know what people think / have done in their games??

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Re: Line of Sight Question

Postby Powermonger » 30 Jul 2017


Very interesting points. I will tell you what we do in our games (pure house rules, nothing official.)

- they have 45 degree angle of fire for figures inside. Taken from a door /window. If you don't have an angle to fire at, then you also can't be targeted by (only ecpection HE, see below)
- You can attempt aimed fire at infantry inside buildings only if they are lining against a wall with windows/doors.
- you can attempt AREA fire with small arms at infantry inside buildings if they are inside a house (lining against a wall/window or not) and you have LOS to any window/door (even if LOS is only to the upper floors)
- you can attempt AREA fire with HE or autocannons at infantry inside buildings (lining against a wall/window or not) at all times, independently of having LOS to a window/door or not. Also, HE does not need an angle to fire (no 45 degree rule)

- they need to spot in order to fire at infantry inside buildings. I know what you mean (the target IS the building). But that would make the flamethrower teams more powerful than they already are.

If the spotting round falls outside LOS of the FAO, then you can call "fire for effect", but treat the barrage as a harassment one (reroll 6's)

Hope this helps! It's very nice to interchange concepts with you, which such attention to detail.
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Re: Line of Sight Question

Postby MadAboutArmour » 30 Jul 2017


Some very good house rules there, I will certainly take them on board when all agree with them (easy when I am playing solo :grin: ).

Love the game as it stands, but if you can make it even better with a few minor tweaks then that makes it even better.

Many thanks for the detailed response.

LOVE the idea about the spotting shot and only being able to fire Harassment FFE.

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Re: Line of Sight Question

Postby Mark » 31 Jul 2017

I think it's what your group would like as a level of detail that really matters. We have played houses more abstractly - so if you are in the house, you can be shot using aimed fire and can fire out with the whole team tracing LOS from the windows and doors. That was for 15mm. We played it a little less abstract using 28s and counted up team ROF using no more than 2 men per window/door. We also managed floors with a move in 28s, and not 15s.

As always, YMMV.
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