Is there a Blitzkrieg weekend being planned?

Re: Is there a Blitzkrieg weekend being planned?

Postby sediment » 11 Aug 2017

The Battlegroup players at Deeside Defenders (Fire at Will's local club) regularly play Battlegroup games on 6 or 8 tables. We play in 15mm and 20mm scales and have club terrain for both, as well as lots of terrain belonging to individual members. Much depends on what terrain you're trying to model as regards how much is appropriate and what we have, but there are lots of options for desert, steppe and temperate western European terrain. Given enough notice, there are several players who would make set pieces of terrain to suit a particular scenario and the club are prepared to buy larger terrain pieces if they can be of use to members.

Last weekend we played a big game based on the D-day push for Caen by 3rd British Division with around 2500 points of British infantry and Shermans against 1900 points of 21st Panzer infantry and PzIVs.

As Will says, plenty of space, tables, scenery, etc. If anyone is interested in some big games, let us know.

Cheers, Andy
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