Cross Book Balance?

Cross Book Balance?

Postby Troy » 04 Aug 2017

How easily do the forces in similar time periods, but different source books, cross over to play against each other?

I'm thinking running some "what if" or "training maneuvers" with Russians from Barbarossa vs Brits from Tobruk?

Is it fairly well balanced? What about other book crossovers?
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Re: Cross Book Balance?

Postby NTM » 04 Aug 2017

Used Kursk Germans v Overlord Brits without issue for games set in Sicily.
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Re: Cross Book Balance?

Postby Piers » 04 Aug 2017

Each book has lists designed to be played against each other.

Some may work against others, some might not.

In all honesty, balance and ahistorical match ups are not something we design for really...
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Re: Cross Book Balance?

Postby kustenjaeger » 06 Aug 2017


I imagine Barbarossa Soviets and Tobruk British might work for a clash in 1941 in Iran (obviously both were on the same side there at the time). Not much British armour there though.

Nick Nack
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Re: Cross Book Balance?

Postby LUCASWILLEN05 » 04 Sep 2017

A 1945 Western Allies v Soviets Or 1941 Barbarossa Germans v 1941 Western Desert British (Hitler invades the Middle East instead of doing Barbarossa)

Also 1940 Frencinfantry list v 1941 British. This one is actually historical *(Syria and Madagascar)
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