BG Fulda - unofficial cold war mods.

BG Fulda - unofficial cold war mods.

Postby chairborne » 05 Aug 2017

Hi folks,

Some of you might have seen a few references to some Cold War mods I put together for BG a while back. Fred (Hincmar) played a game thgrough with them and put up an AAR here - viewtopic.php?f=81&t=42195&hilit=fulda

I've been sat on them ever since, with not enough time to refine or playtest further. With NORTHAG on the horizon ( :yahoo: ), I thought now might the time to release these scribblings into the wild, before they become obsolete.

They are by no means polished or fully worked through - just my take on what a 1984/85 version of BG might look like. It's mostly special rules and unit abilities - note there are no vehicle stats. For these I relied on nickdives's excellent Gyros Teller data, which are not mine to reproduce.

The PDF is available here: https://oscarmikegaming.files.wordpress ... 3-mods.pdf

Make of them what you will - I hope they may be of interest. Any thoughts/refinements/critique and suggestions would be welcome. I'm hoping to have another run out of the Yom Kippur version in a couple of weeks and will see I can get those out as well.


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Re: BG Fulda - unofficial cold war mods.

Postby mausmann » 05 Aug 2017

Just pm'd you Greg.... ;)
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Re: BG Fulda - unofficial cold war mods.

Postby Gun-Pit Paul » 06 Aug 2017


How do you get the 'Gryos Teller' data?

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Re: BG Fulda - unofficial cold war mods.

Postby hincmar » 08 Aug 2017

Ah, good to see these mods out in circulation. We played a great game using them.
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