Scalable to the upper end?

Scalable to the upper end?

Postby Troy » 10 Aug 2017

One aspect of BG that appeals to me is that it's scalable in size. The three games I've played have all been under 650 pts per side on a 4x4. I'm probably going to drop down in points for the next few, just to get make they play faster on smaller tables.

But, what about the other end? On a 6 ft x 4 ft table, what are you finding as the ideal - and the max army size? (I know the rule book has recommendations).

With a lot of players from the Flames camp looking for a new game, I'm wondering how the typical Late War 1500+ pts in FoW translates to table size and play in BG? Other than Arty going off board, any other changes you've found at that point level (esp with 15mm figures)?
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Re: Scalable to the upper end?

Postby chairborne » 10 Aug 2017

I don't have any reference to FoW and points size but have been involved in several 'big' BG games with upto and over 1000 points a size, though not on a 6x4.

For example one of our club day long games (in 20mm). On a table this size you'd get a bit more 15mm I guess.


I find it scales very well, both in terms of force sizes and numbers of players.
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Re: Scalable to the upper end?

Postby Piers » 10 Aug 2017

I don't play more than 400 or so on a 6 x 4.

But I use 20mm and like more room.

On my 7 x 5 we go up to 750 depending on the book and what we feel like doing.

For big games - over 2000 aside we use two 8 x 6 usually, but again, we like spartan tables with lots of room.

It's more what sort of game you want to do really.
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Re: Scalable to the upper end?

Postby rovens » 10 Aug 2017

We are currently playing max 600pts using the Tobruk book but we dropped down to 15mm to make more open space.

We play Normandy games at about 5-600pts in 20mm, it doesn't feel too crowded as some of the late war vehicles are pretty pricey.
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